Precious Medical Care
Red haired psychiatrist listening to her patient who experienced traumatic events, sitting on beige settee

Addiction Recovery Support Program: PMC provides evaluation, education, building of coping skills to substance abuse recovering patients, PMC also connects with valuable community resources for substance abuse treatment and relapse prevention.

Disease Self-Management and Recovery: PMC empowers and enhances patients’ ability to manage their mental and physical wellness on a daily basis.

Health and Wellness for Better Living: At PMC we equip patients with all the skills necessary to live healthy lifestyle, prevent and cope with chronic illness.

Wellness Recovery Program: We partner with patients as they start their journey to recovery and wellness. We provide Relapse prevention of behavioral and physical health issues and manage crisis situations.

Family Involvement: At PMC we provide training to families of patients with chronic medical or mental diseases on how to understand and cope with living with patients with chronic diseases, enhancing them to learn necessary skills to build happy and healthy relationships with patients and their family members.